How to defend our liberal world order.

Nearly all of the people I know, would consider themselves stout defenders of an open, democratic and liberal world. That world order is under attack.

The key question is “how do we deal with it”?. Shutting out the news is not an option. We may have become complacent by accepting that politicians are a separate class who do a job nobody else wants to do. My role in society: to build new businesses and bring people from many different nations together. However, business activities are not enough at the moment. Here are a couple of things that I started doing:

  • I joined a mainstream political party. I believe we cant just shake our heads at what is happening at the fringes of society, we must support it’s core.
  • Support journalism. In addition to my existing newspaper subscriptions, I have become a supporter of the Guardian in the UK, and I will add other reputable news sources. My attitude towards this is “support”, even if I can’t read all the news.
  • #ichbinhier, inspired by a Swedish project,  is one of the most promising initiatives at the moment. The “ich bin hier” group consistently works in the comment section of facebook news to counter the extreme mostly right wing arguments here.

Certainly not enough, but it is a process…

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