The fast track to become a startup founder…

The hype curve for startups shows no signs of slowing down.
Every corporate giant like Daimler claims to behave like a startup these days.
Corporate ‘venturing’, ‘acceleration’, etc seem to be at an all-time high.

As always, there is an abundance of consultants, observers, bloggers talking about startups. But sadly, it seems to me that there are not more people who actually have any startup experience.

If you want to become a startup founder:  Stop reading about startups. Stop going to conferences. Stop working with an accelerator.
Work in a startup instead.

For this reason, I don’t offer any positions within our venture company Density Ventures, but we always have one or two Entrepreneurs in Residence positions at our operating companies.

Here is our permanent job posting for Entrepreneurs in Residence in FLIO’s Hamburg office.


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