Learning to learn from others.

I’ve always been a ‘self-starter’. As a kid, I learned to code by myself. I prefer reading versus listening to podcasts as it allows me to accelerate to my own speed. When I wasn’t great at certain sports, I just assumed I was not talented. This limited me to endurance sports, where I didn’t need a lot of coaching. At University, I skipped boring lectures and went to the library to study on my own. In the end, I got a great degree and in my career, I am often able to innovate instead of mimic. 

In 2022 all this changed: Several friends nudged me to learn new things with the help of others.

I started with a boxing trainer, thanks to Torsten
Mark introduced me to Jan Ebert who helps me to change my eating habits to finally lose weight over an extended period. 
Johanna and her team are helping me to improve my coaching skill set. 
Roland encouraged me to take on a new hobby…

This is a fundamental shift which has led me to appreciate our ‘human system for knowledge exchange’. We can help each other to be better than on our own.

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