Just received a nasty comment (anonymous) about unnecessary air travel to conferences. This exactly the point. I have not yet been to great conferences like reboot, SIME, leWeb, Picnic. But the few successful conferences I have attended just demonstrate the point that you can not replicate the experience via video conferencing. In fact, I need to attend more conferences. Meeting great people is too important.

As I have said before in this blog: I do not drive an SUV, we are not using much energy at home. But I will stop feeling guilty about travelling to meet great people.

2 thoughts on “Conferences.”

  1. I am doing great energie savings at the moment … my heating in the house broke and we can’t heat for several days now … I do hope I can again tomorrow though, as bad as it sounds 😉

  2. We do not have heating in our office at the moment. But that is also another story, see Qype blog 😉

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