It’s not about who you know…

I admit to be totally biased as I am naturally a big fan of the power of reviews. However, I need to highlight this little feature in the new Qype personal page called ‘Insider Tips’. It does not show me the reviews of my friends, but it shows me places that are liked by people who like similar stuff I do. I really have no idea how they do it – too remote for that – but the results are truly amazing for me. Every time I reload this, I see places I always thought might be cool, but have not checked out yet.

Two rather philosophical thoughts come to my mind.

  • One is the one I mentioned in the headline: It is not who you know. It is what people like who behave like you also like. Amazon has done this in an amazing quality. “People who bought this also bought…” I am very proud that Qype is proving to be able to do this as well. By the way this also contradicts the tradional power of your social graph.
  • The second thought: What we thought initially when we launched Qype in 2006, that the person who shares her views gets something back, is now being executed on in a material way.

Check it out.

9 thoughts on “It’s not about who you know…”

  1. “I really have no idea how they do it”……??
    Really? Really really?!!
    You’re the founder/chairman of Qype and you don’t know how your developers “do it”.
    There is no shame in plugging your own site and its new features, but credit your readers with some intelligence and don’t make out your “too removed from it” to make out its something amazing…

    It does look cool though

  2. Boyd: Few people who know me will every accuse me of being too removed from it, on the contrary.
    However: If it works I will never dig in. All I can say is that it works massively better than anything we toyed with when I was still running the company and therefore product.

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