The fear that keeps you from being happy.

All successful entrepreneurs are driven.
We have our own compass. 
We operate at our own speed. 
We aim for Mars instead of the Moon. 

Many of us know exactly the inner driver, which keeps us pushing on. 
It comes in many guises:
A lack of a sense of security.
A need for recognition. 
A sense of obligation.

Our inner driver is always deeply emotional. 
It is a longing. 

And that longing will never be fulfilled by whatever success we achieve.
Deep inside, many of us know this. So we keep pushing on.
It makes us successful but never satisfied.

The downside:
Constantly not being happy.
For many of us, this is the price of success.

Digging deeper into our emotional setup will reveal the hidden mechanisms. 
Working on our emotional side is working at the root causes of our not being satisfied.
We in fact become more content.
We become more healthy.
We have better relationships.
We become well-rounded people.
We grow.

All humans resist the process of going into their emotions. 
We fear being vulnerable. There may be pain.
Some people overcome this resistance and grow. 
Many stay where we are.

We, entrepreneurs, have another fear: 
If I fix myself, will I become ‘normal”’, will I lose it?

Will I lose my secret sauce to success?
Will I lose my drive?

In my personal experience: 
I haven’t lost anything.
I still want to maximise my impact.
I am not content with being average.

But my ambition has extended from being ‘successful’ to something bigger.
To fulfil my potential as a human. In many more dimensions as ‘success’.

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