360 Degrees Concept Growth & Strategy

We entrepreneurs know that we have agency. In business, we create reality.

But we often don’t feel the same level of agency in the other aspects of our lives. For this reason, I follow a 360 degree entrepreneur framework, which covers the 5 major areas of our lives: Business / Emotions / Body / People / Investing.


As entrepreneurs, it is often most easy to start with our business. This is where we in control. We can start with “How do I create an organization that aligns with my objectives.” Or it may be about creating effective board meetings.


Whether it starts with a fear of disappointing others, our craving for security, a feeling of being on our own…It took me a long while to really become aware of which emotions govern my behaviour. Working with your emotional side is like learning a new language. It is a process, but once we are on our way, we have an entirely new universe available to us.


We don’t have a body. We are a body. We feel our emotions in the body. I know many entrepreneurs who forget to care for themselves or even enjoy themselves physically. This is a skill that can be learned like any other.


For many of us, family is the most important element of our lives. Our relationship style, role in parenting, and responsibilities for family members define our purpose but can also limit ourselves. Friends, coworkers, and other people are super important for our well-being. But we often limit ourselves for the wrong reasons based on what we assume others expect from us.


While some entrepreneurs are financially very astute, many rely completely on their own business. Many of us benefit from a sound investing strategy that increases our sense of financial security. I often help my clients take the steps to take money out of the business and, in creating an investment strategy, develop an income independent of their main business.

Why do I only work with entrepreneurs?

Working with entrepreneurs allows me to work entirely in a space where I am uniquely competent: This is where my experience of having founded, grown and turned around several significant businesses intersects with my skills in getting to the emotional barriers of people.