About Stephan Uhrenbacher

Currently, Stephan Uhrenbacher is founder and CEO of Sustainable Aero Lab, the only global accelerator for startups in sustainable aviation. In 2023, Sustainable Aero Lab received funding from Breakthrough Energy, the organization founded by Bill Gates. He is also a Fellow at Artificial Intelligence Centre (ARIC) Hamburg, Germany. Since 2016 he is a Mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab at Oxford and in Toronto.


Here are all the companies, Stephan founded.

Sustainable Aero Lab

Founder Sustainable Aero Lab, global accelerator for startups in sustainable aviation


Founded FLIO, the largest global airport app


Founded 9flats.com, the largest competitor to airbnb. Bought wimdu.com. Partial exit to Wyndham hotels


Founded qype.com, the largest local review website in Europe, sold to yelp.com

Avocado Store

Cofounded avocadostore.de, Germany’s largest eco-marketplace, sold to DDVG in 2017

Before that, he held the following senior management positions at large internet and media companies: Chief Operating Officer DocMorris.com, largest mail order pharmacy in Europe; Product Director Bild.de, the largest media website in Germany at the time; Head of Northern Europe, lastminute.com, and various positions at Bertelsmann, where he founded Travel Channel, one of the first online travel websites in Germany.

Stephan Uhrenbacher has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, from University of Kaiserslautern Germany and he was an Exchange student with the MBA programme at Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada.