I am one of the better known internet entrepreneurs in Germany,
therefore I get a lot of contact requests. In order to be able to react, please adhere to this:

Please don’t reach out if:
… you want to sell something to one of my companies.
… want me to invest or participate in gaming, gambling, dating, ring tones etc.
… want me to fill in questionaires and or interviews for your thesis. Sorry.

Please do contact if
… you want me to speak at a relevant event.
I love spreading the word about startup culture in corporations.
… want a guest lecture at a University about building startups
… are an entrepreneur interested in coaching (it is not free, and it is not for everyone).

How to contact:
send an email (English or German) to my last name

Please give enough information:
If it is a proposition send me a one pager.
If you apply for a job, send a CV.

Thank you.


Stephan Uhrenbacher,

Density Ventures GmbH, Hongkongstrasse 7, 20457 Hamburg